We put the kids first - in everything we do

We offer a variety of programs including:

"I want to have fun." describes this program best.  All are welcome in this program that is designed for inclusion and fun.

"I want to improve." describes this program best.  In this program, players love for the game of basketball fuels their drive to develop and improve.

Coaches drive the direction, instruction, and training of players.  This program supports the development of these skills in the people that play such a key role in our recreational and provincial programs.

Referees learn to effectively manage the different in-game aspects of the sport.  These skills are important to initially support our recreational program but many move on to become certified.

Recreational Cast Program - Fall 2020

This program will consist of:
-1 practice time (typically 1 hour and 15 minutes) per week, usually during the week between 6pm and 9pm.
-1 game / competition time (typically 1 hour and 15 minutes) per week, usually on Saturdays between 9am and 5pm.
-Our goal is to have 10 to 12 of each for the Fall season but this may vary depending on the weather.
-The program will run mid-late October to mid-late February (playoffs in February)
-Boys and girls will be separated into their respective divisions.

Note: Midget and Juvenile division format will vary as they typically have more games than practices.

Also please note that this program will also follow be subject to the Basketball New Brunswick Return to play plan.

Provincial Cast Program - Fall 2020

Think you have mad skills?  Try out for one of our Provincial teams!  Depending on the number of participants and coaches year to year, we offer up to 40 players an opportunity to play at a more competitive level in EACH of these divisions.

Under 12 (Mini) Boys (Grade 5 - 6)
Under 12 (Mini) Girls (Grade 5 - 6)
Under 14 (Bantam) Boys (Grade 7- 8)
Under 14 (Bantam) Girls (Grade 7 - 8)
Under 16 (Midget) Boys (Grade 9 - 10) - Depending on participant numbers
Under 16 (Midget) Girls (Grade 9 - 10) - Depending on participant numbers
Under 18 (Juvenile) Boys (Grade 11 - 12) - Depending on participant numbers
Under 18 (Juvenile) Girls (Grade 11 - 12) - Depending on participant numbers

The Provincial program will consist of 1 to 3 practices (typically 1.5hrs), plus typically 1 to 2 games / competition times weekly. This varies week to week depending on the team and age level and will also depend on the Basketball New Brunswick return to basketball plan. This program runs from mid October to the annual Provincial tournament (February - March).

If you would like to try out, please register and add the tryout fee to your cart.

Tryouts are scheduled to take place in mid September.  You will be contacted regarding specific dates based on participant age group.